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2013, Henan Province, the successful conclusion of stage lighting technology training cour
View: 8631  From: Rebow Industry  Date: 2014-03-10

In order to strengthen our province the training aspects of stage lighting, stage lighting to enhance the overall quality of technical personnel, in accordance with the province's cultural priorities and deployment, March 11 to 15, the province was held in 2013 in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, stage lighting and technical training classes. Provincial cities and county-level art troupes, provincial art troupes and groups working paper, television stations, companies engaged in the cultural aspects of stage lighting professionals more than 110 people participated in the training.


The training courses organized by the provincial Department of Culture, the Provincial Institute of Stage Arts contractors. Course invited CCTV national level choreography (lighting) design Cai Wei, Zhejiang choreography Society, at the national level choreography (lighting) design Oncogenes, Zhengzhou Jin Lin, general manager Guoxin Yue Electronics Co., Ltd., Henan Television choreography department Director Guo Yongkang and other experts, as well as Guangzhou Ming lighting technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fonda stage Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Hao Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. and other units relevant technical staff for students who teach or explain the large events lighting design, lighting design, stage Lighting equipment and technical seminars, stage light control system computer lectures, theater lighting in the TV recording in the role of knowledge and skills.


Through this training, improve the province's stage lighting aspects of the operational capacity of personnel and technology to further enhance the province's literary talent team's overall strength and overall quality, by the trainees and the theatrical performance units welcome and praise.

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