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Corporate Culture

1. The corporate culture, customer satisfaction is the enterprise eternal pursuit!
2. Take the quality as the life, customer as the center. Quality first, service first, reputation first.
3. The first-class management, first-class products, for first-class service, first-class tree image.
4. Good faith based on the world.
5. Quality first, delivery guarantee, active service, zero defect management.
6.  Belief: believe customers, trust company, we believe that our products and trust companies work hard, believe that we are friends.
7. Our company goal: let all the customers moved! Let all employees excited!
8. Our talent strategy: trying to have a chance, pay total have return!
9. Our marketing belief: constantly develop products, develop high quality customers.
10. The company policy: customer is our god; Good faith is the foundation of the company; Quality is the root of the company; Development is the direction of the company.
11. The company's management principles: low stand some of the staff or defects, but can't tolerate often teach not to change. We use communication, training, incentive, improve personal quality, improve the overall efficiency. We require employees to have a high sense of responsibility and loyalty. We need to discipline, moving in tandem, responsive, prevents this. Require every employee good at to accept criticism and self-criticism.
12. The company principle of choose and employ persons: is positioned by business, according to work with people. The most suitable person for every job, and does not require perfect, fully embody the training employees ability, respect for employees, reward talented people.
13. Eight alert: stop drinking lack the passion of work and lack of sense of responsibility, answer the single copy, in private, damage of public, private, quit stealing.

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